Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Laryngotec Kombi Cut

The Laryngotec Kombi Clip silicone laryngectomy and tracheostomy tube is made of soft and flexible silicone for laryngectomees with a voice prosthesis.

  • Tracheostomy tube for long-term use, can be used up to 3-6 months
  • Medical grade silicone: soft, pliable, lightweight
  • Neck flange perfectly adapted to neck anatomy, with lateral openings for fixation of tube holder
  • Dorsal slit corresponds to the diameter of the tracheal flange of voice prosthesis. The tube therefore glides past the voice prosthesis during insertion and removal without the risk of accidental dislocation of the voice prosthesis
  • Transparent, inconspicuous design
  • With 22 mm adapter (KOMBI) used to accommodate HMEs

A feature of the Laryngotec Lingo Kombi Cut is the especially shaped neck flange, tailored to the anatomy of the neck.

The particularly rounded cannula tip prevents irritation of the mucous membranes in the trachea. There are two lateral eyelets on the neck flange of the Laryngotec Lingo Kombi Cut silicone tube for the attachment of a tube holder.

The Laryngotec Lingo Kombi Cut silicone laryngectomy tube with a slit was developed specially in case of problems during the use of the cannula in combination with a voice prosthesis. The width of the slit is based on the outer dimensions of the voice prosthesis, so that the cannula can glide past the voice prosthesis when inserted. This special design prevents the voice prosthesis from being moved accidentally.

Ordering specifications:

The Laryngotec Kombi Cut silicone tube is available in various sizes and lengths and is supplied in sterile packaging.

REF 14725 – Laryngotec Kombi Cut – Size 7 – 13 – HMV

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Laryngotec instructions for use

Laryngotec Kombi Cut