Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

MegaBee Assisted Writing Tablet

MegaBee is a simple-to-use assisted writing tablet (AAC device) to aid frequent communication with people who have:

  • Brain Damage
  • Stroke
  • Motor-loss
  • Medium and severe Cerebral Palsy
  • Those who have no, or impaired, ability to speak and cannot write legibly

The MegaBee is easy-to-use and rapidly deployed.

  • Enhanced lifestyle for the user.
  • Accommodates changes in head position or movement of the tablet.
  • Requires very little training and is learnt in minutes.
  • Requires no calibration.

The MegaBee is easy-to-use and rapidly deployed, providing convenient, frequent means of communication with the carer, thus providing a much enhanced lifestyle for the user.

The tablet has been designed to require minimal learning, both for the reader and writer.

Letter selection is achieved by looking at the letter and blinking, then looking at the block which is the same colour as the selected letter.

Ordering specifications:

P368-000-1 – Megabee Writing Tablet

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Product: MegaBee Writing Tablet

Description: Electronic Hand-Held Writing Tablet

Size: H=430mm W=300mm D=40mm [A3 size]

Weight: 950grammes

Screen: Blue LCD 20 characters x 2 lines, scrolling buffer.

Character Buffer: 600 characters (= 30 lines at 20 characters per line)

Material: Cleanable ABS

Power: Re-chargeable batteries [charger supplied] for 24hr operation on a full charge.

Connectivity: Bluetooth® supplied with support software

“It has been the saving of his sanity and of his wife and two children. We all have a great respect for the development of MegaBee, it has been a life saver. Thank you.”

– Ann Marchant, Treasurer, MND Association.

“… the best AAC device ever, simple but very effective … all clinics, surgeries, hospitals should have it.”

– Claire Hayward, OT, ACT, West Midlands Rehabilitation Centre, Selly Oak.

“I love using my MegaBee when I can’t access a computer to talk. I find it very useful and am sure it will help other people with MND (or speech problems)”

– Sarah Ezekiel, MND campaigner.

“I am really impressed with the system and can see lots of applications.”

– Janet Scott, SLT, SCTCI, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow.

“Harriet has tried many communication aids over the years, and has found many of them too difficult. We tried a Megabee at an exhibition and she was fantastic with it straight away. Harriet has always struggled with literacy, and with using the Megabee she has learnt to spell very quickly. It has made a huge difference to Harriet … Fantastic!!!!!”

– Harriet’s mum, Wells, Somerset.

“I don’t normally plug kit but having seen this I definitely believe it could be of major benefit to brain damaged patients.”

– Stephen Worral, Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon, St. Lukes Hospital Bradford.

“The lack of suitable communication equipment and the need for communication with our daughter to be made easier and more rewarding drove us to look for a new solution. MegaBee™ is that solution and the product has been developed in close co-operation with our daughter.”

– User’s parents.