Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Buchanan DeltaNex

All the benefits of the Buchanan Airway Protector but featuring an alternative touch-to-close fastening system.

The Buchanan Deltanex is a neckworn cover designed to improve a user’s breathing. It provides filtration and delivers efficient heat and moisture exchange.

  • Much easier for some patients to use than the Buchanan Airway Protector.
  • Team with DeltaNex cravats to provide a fashionable cover.
  • Patients have a choice of many cravat colours and patterns.

As well the other unique benefits to neck breathers:

  • A soft fabric feel against the neck
  • Effective in removing dust and dirt particles in the air
  • Provides moisture and warmth to inhaled air.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of chest problems caused by cold, dry, unfiltered air
  • Feature a non-adhesive tie strap

Available in two sizes, large and small. Each one can be washed up to 3 times. Supplied in packs of 10, sufficient for one month’s supply.

The Buchanan Airway Protector and Buchanan Deltanex are a serious medical devices designed to provide filtration and deliver efficient heat and moisture exchange to the user.


  • Carefully selected materials such as pure cotton mesh and the special Hydrolox 1 Foam
  • Comfortable, soft to the skin with no sharp edges
  • Non adhesive, so no skin irritation
  • Flexibility and rests comfortably on the neck and chest and can be used during radiotherapy
  • Good filtration efficiency during inspiration
  • Can be used immediately, post operatively
  • Ideal in all weather conditions
  • Choice of sizes – small and large
  • Can be worn day and night
  • Can be washed up to 3 times.

For best results when wearing, please ensure that the protector fits snug, resting on the neck line.

The Buchanan DeltaNex Protector is available in packs of 10 with a pair of neckbands.

Ordering specification:

LA DNX 0001 – Buchanan DeltaNex Protectors – 125mm x 125mm – Pack of 10

LA DNX 0002: Buchanan DeltaNex Neckstraps – 500mm Short – Pack of 2

LA DNX 0003: Buchanan DeltaNex Neckstraps – 600mm Long – Pack of 2