Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Frazier Suction Tube

The Frazier suction tubes are used for nasal procedures.

They feature a fenestrated polymer handle with grips ensuring precise control and allowing greater suction when the hole is covered by the user’s finger. The ergonomic design is comfortable for both left and right-handed users.

The surgical steel tube comes in a range of lengths and diameters to suit individual practitioners’ preferences.

Each Frazier suction tube is sterilised, individually sealed and comes with a cleaning rod. It is a disposable instrument intended for single-use and is available in three variants.

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Codes Sizes
P20-122 3x100mm (9FG)
P20-120 3x140mm (9FG)
P20-121 2x100mm (6FG)