Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Jobson Horne Probe

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The Jobson Horne from Sheffmed is a dual instrument, combining ear curette and cotton wool holder into one.

It features a tilted curette loop at one end and the other end is threaded, allowing sufficient grip to hold cotton wool. It is also a useful probe for the inspection of aural polyps.

The Jobson Horne is a disposable instrument intended for single-use. It is available in a lightweight polymer or sterilised surgical steel.

Polymer version available in packs of 100. Metal version sold individually.

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Stock Code

  • P50-101 Jobson Horne Probe Polymer – Pack of 100
  • TG24-134S Jobson Horne Probe Metal 140mm Sterile – Single
  • TG24-135S Jobson Horne Probe Metal 178mm Sterile – Single
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Polymer 150mm (pack of 100)
Metal 178mm (single)