Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Laryvox Duo Brush

The Laryvox Duo Brush is intended for gentle and effective daily cleaning of the voice prostheses.

It has two different cleaning heads for special care. The sponge can be used to remove residual secretions and deposits from the tracheal flange and the surrounding area. The cleaning brush on the opposite side is used for cleaning the inner tube of the voice prosthesis.

Teamed with the Laryvox Clip, the Duo Brush allows the fixation of a stoma lamp (Laryvox Stoma Light, available separately). The combination of brush and lamp in one tool allows effective cleaning with one hand only and frees the other hand for other operations.

The integrated mirror on the backside of the box means you don’t have to carry around extra equipment for daily care.

Because of the high elasticity of the material, the brush body can be bent individually for adaptation to the position of the voice prosthesis, thus permitting a simple and ideal cleaning operation.

For optimum illumination of the tracheostoma during cleaning, a tracheostoma light can be fixed to the Laryvox Duo Brush with the Laryvox Clip. The Laryvox Clip is included in the scope of delivery.

The accompanying case, which can be locked, provides hygienic and dry storage between the individual uses and offers a practical carrying solution for the traveller. The mirror mounted on the back side of the case further facilitates cleaning of the voice prosthesis.

There are a number of lengths available. Each length corresponds to different sizes of voice prostheses.

Supplied in packs of 6.

Ordering specification:

REF 29110 – Laryvox Duo Brush incl. Clip – Size 6-18 – HMV

29110-06 – Size 6 Laryvox Duo Brush – 4-6 Voice Protheses Size

29110-08 – Size 8 Laryvox Duo Brush – 7-8 Voice Protheses Size

29110-10 – Size 10 Laryvox Duo Brush – 9-10 Voice Protheses Size

29110-12 – Size 12 Laryvox Duo Brush – 11-13 Voice Protheses Size

29110-18 – Size 18 Laryvox Duo Brush – 14-18 Voice Protheses Size