Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Obi – The Feeding Robot

Dignity. Pace control. Independence.

Eating is a pleasurable experience until the day your independence is taken away. Then it becomes a task for someone else.

The Obi empowers you in a dignified way to choose what you eat, at a pace you wish to eat at.

The Obi can be operated in a variety of ways using breath control, head movement, gross arm and/or leg movement, or fine finger movement and/or toe movement. With it's lightweight design and long lasting battery life, the Obi can make visiting your favourite restaurant once again a pleasurable experience.

User Friendly


  • Guide the arm by hand
  • Thousands of food delivery locations
  • Teach a new location in seconds


  • Two user controls
  • Command food delivery
  • Choose among four food bowls



  • FDA compliant
  • Collision detection
  • Underwriter’s Labs (UL) certified


  • Portion control
  • Food repositioning
  • Multi-directional food capture



  • Iconic design
  • Natural flowing form
  • Minimalist setup and operation


  • Personable gestures
  • Quiet and inconspicuous
  • Graceful, life-like motions

Fulfilling basic human needs through technology.

Dimensions (Transport Position)
30.5cm X 43.2cm X 15.2cm (12” X 17” X 6”)
Weight 3.49kg (7.7lbs)
Max Food Content
16 fl. Oz. (4fl oz / bowl, up to max fill line)
Max Speed 15RPM
Global Identifier (GTIN) 0869174000106

Safety Features
Collision Detection – arm stops and backs away at a benign stress when in motion.
Compliance – arm moves in the direction of external forces with stationary.
Detachable Spoon (Magnetic) – Spoon detaches easily with collision or misuse.
Water and particulate ingress resistant (IP21)


Diner – Dual female 3.5mm barrel jack – mono
Choose Food Bowl
Deliver Food
Caregiver – Touch Activated Sensors
Power Button
Teach Button
Teach Icon


Diner Controls / Switches
Buddy Buttons (Included)
Sip N Puff
Pillow Switches
Pad Switches


Patented Optimal Food Capture Methodology
Multi-directional Food Capture
Portion Control
Food Repositioning
Spoon Wiping
Minimum jerk motion profile


Food Delivery Positions
Max Food Delivery Height (above mounting surface): 38.1cm (15.3”)
Lowest Food Delivery Height (below mounting surface): 5.0cm (2.0”)
Max Food Delivery Reach (from edge of Plate): 40.64cm (16.0”)


All Foods and liquids are compatible with Obi.
Prepare / Cut to 3/4” X 3/4” X 3/4” or smaller. Larger sizes will decrease capture efficacy.


Plastic Enclosure
PC/ABS, 94V-0 flame class rating
Non-Slip Surface: Thermoplastic Elastomer (Latex & nat. rubber free)
Adhesive: Medical Grade Epoxy (ISO-10993)