Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Servox Digital XL Electronic Larynx

An electronic larynx that sets new standards of excellence

The Servox® Digital XL speech aid is the latest model from the leading electronic larynx company in the world, setting new standards of excellence – a high-quality edition to the well-known Servox Digital series.

Sophisticated electronics give users the maximum quality of sound and rehabilitation over many years of use – the hallmark of Servox. The device battery performance has been significantly increased, extending speaking time by more than 50% compared to the previous model.

It provides up to date vocal rehabilitation for laryngectomised and tracheotomised patients, an electrolarynx suitable for patients who lost their voice due to injury, illness or surgical removal of the larynx.

Servox Digital XL - Electric Larynx - Sentient Healthcare
Digital Electronics with Serial Interface

In addition to the basic manual settings, the digital electronics make it possible to connect the speech aid to your PC via a serial interface. Special software enables you to make a multitude of individual settings.

Processor-Controlled Charger

This intelligent charging technique offers the simplest, safest and quickest way to charge batteries. The battery can be kept in the Servox digital during charging. A replacement battery can also be charged at the same time.

Servox Digital XL - Electric Larynx - Sentient Healthcare
Individually Programmable Buttons

The Servox digital is the only speech aid which offers the possibility of programming both buttons with different volume and frequency settings. This makes it possible to pre-set the device for use in certain situations. The software also offers additional options for adjusting the tone to match the natural speech melody.

Servox Digital XL - Electric Larynx - Sentient Healthcare
Optical Battery Control

A flashing red light on the Servox digital indicates that the battery is on reserve and requires charging. An elaborate energy management system protects the battery from being completely discharged while the speech duration is increased by reduced energy consumption.

PERFORMANCE: Thanks to its modern and smart power management, the Servox® Digital XL speech aid offers significantly extended battery performance.

FLEXIBILITY: Provides more freedom and flexibility due to already included rechargeable batteries, a universal travel adapter and a high-quality belt pouch.

QUALITY: Combines technologies proven since 1958 with the state-of-the-art components and first class raw materials.

Set includes: oral tubes with an adapter, a screw cap :soft tone”, a carrying strap with replacement strap protection, a belt pouch, 8 AAA rechargeable batteries, a charger, a travel adapter, 2 battery holders, instruction manual.

Ordering specifications

LASXL0001 – Servox XL Digital Electronic Larynx

LACSA0002 – Servox Rechargeable Battery (each)

LACSA0003 – Servox Oral Aadaptor and 3 Tubes

LACSA0004 – Servox Replacement Battery Charger 240v

LACSA0006 – Servox Replacement Charger Lead

LACSA0008 – Servox Digital CD and USB Data cable