Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

TRACOE pleural Drainage Set

A kink-resistant fine pleural drain with plastic spiral

The insertion of a pleural (chest) drain is a frequently performed invasive measure. The procedure alleviates the symptoms and brings relief to the patient.

As with all invasive measures, complications such as damage to intercostal nerves and vessels or intrathoracic organs are possible. Inserting the drain using the Seldinger technique under ultrasound guidance helps to prevent complications of this nature. In the case of a pneumothorax, the puncture site and direction are determined by a chest X-ray or computed tomography (CT). During the course of treatment, a possible complication that may compromise the procedure is kinking of the tube, resulting in an obstructed flow.

Cutting-edge plastics technology now makes it possible to produce very flexible drainage catheters that are soft, but resistant to kinking and torsion. The risk of obstruction is thereby reduced.

1. Innovative

Drainage catheter (12 Fr and 14 Fr)

  • The incorporated plastic spiral is resistant to kinking and torsion, but at the same time soft and flexible; it adapts to the pleural space.
  • Extra-soft catheter tip with three offset openings. Secretions can drain even when just one opening is in contact.
  • Clear depth markings at 5, 10, 15 and 20 cm.
  • Radiopaque along its entire length and MRI safe.
  • For all serous, serosanguineous or sanguineous pleural effusions or to relieve a pneumothorax.

Sustainably minimally traumatic

  • Reduced tissue irritation thanks to the fine chest drain.
  • Less fibrin coating and reactive effusion.
  • Reduces the area of scar formation, which could lead to pleural thickening and subsequent respiratory impairment.


2. Minimally Invasive

Tuohy puncture needle

  • Minimises the risk of injuring the intercostal vessels.
  • Markings on the needle show the depth of the puncture.

Dilatation using the Seldinger technique

  • The Seldinger wire has a nitinol core that is resistant to kinking.
  • No kinking of the guide wire, even when it is hard to advance or dilatation is difficult.
  • The coating makes it easier to advance the wire through the Tuohy puncture needle.
  • Practical advancement of the wire from its dispenser using the thumb.
  • Dilator to match the size of the catheter used (12 Fr and 14 Fr).


3. Patient-Friendly

Can remain in situ for up to 29 days

  • Prolonged effusion over several days can be safely and reliably treated with a single drain.
  • The catheter’s resistance to kinking ensures a patent lumen, good flow and unobstructed drainage.
  • Sterile irrigation is possible at any time via a three-way stopcock.

Dual use

  • Can be used for gravity drainage or with a chest drainage system.
  • For gravity drainage, there is a secure connection to the collecting bag via a Luer lock.
  • Adapter for connection to a chest drainage system is supplied.

Ordering Specifications:

REF number – Size – Sales Unit – Description

REF 850-12-5 – 12 Fr – 5 pieces – TRACOE seldinger pleural drainage set

REF 850-14-5 – 14 Fr – 5 pieces – TRACOE seldinger pleural drainage set

The TRACOE seldinger pleural drainage set can only be ordered in packs of five. Each set is individually sterile packed.

The set’s features include:

  • 1a. Drainage catheter with mandrin (12 Fr), radiopaque, kink-resistant thanks to the plastic spiral, MRI safe, Luer lock connection
  • 2a. Dilator with depth stop (12 Fr)
  • 1b. Drainage catheter with mandrin (14 Fr), radiopaque, kink-resistant thanks to the plastic spiral, MRI safe, Luer lock connection
  • 2b. Dilator with depth stop (14 Fr)
  • 3. No. 11 disposable safety scalpel
  • 4. 10 mL syringe
  • 5. Tuohy puncture needle (1.2 x 1.5 x 90 mm, 17 gauge)
  • 6. Coated Seldinger guide wire with nitinol core
  • 7. Adhesive plaster for fixation
  • 8. 3-way stopcock
  • 9. Adapter from Luer lock to funnel connector
  • 10. Secretion bag (1.5 L) with Luer lock

Tracoe Pleural Drainage Set 1 - Sentient Healthcare

Tracoe Pleural Drainage Set 2 - Sentient Healthcare

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