Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

HumidoTrach HME

This Heat and Moisture Exchanger for tracheostomees has a foam filter, which is integrated into a sturdy plastic housing.

The plastic housing is designed in a grid shape, to enable the greatest amount of air to enter.

HumidoTrach is equipped with a central, standardized opening, which enables the attachment onto the 15mm connector of the tracheostomy tube. The HME filters, warms and humidifies the inhaled air.

In addition, the lid of the housing contains an overpressure valve. This enables the coughing out of secretions, even without removing the HME.

  • HME filter
  • 15 mm standard connector fits to all tracheostomy tubes with 15 mm connector (UNI)
  • Open pore polyurethane foam filter
  • With oxygen supply port / Oxygen connecting tube seperat available (REF 46320)
  • Grid shaped housing to facilitate a maximum amount of air exchange
  • With overpressure valve to allow unimpaired coughing
  • Individually packed in convenient peel-packs

Ordering specifications:

REF 46450 – Humidotrach – HMV – PZN 05114257 – Pack of 30

REF 46320 – FAHL® Oxygen Connection Tube, sterile, – HMV – PZN 04311139 – Pack of 50