Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

Providing specialist ENT products since 1999.

TRACOE vario

A milestone in tracheostomy, the TRACOE vario is a soft, flexible tube with variably adjustable neck flange.

Its practical push-button mechanism allows the flange to be moved and adjusted to the individual user, so the correct length can be achieved.

A scale ensures the exact positioning of the neck flange in preparation for a tube change. No screw closure is used, so no pressure at all is exerted on the trachea.

  • Unique adjustable neck flange allows accurate placement and security.
  • Spring mechanism lets the flange slide easily to a new position.
  • The mechanism prevents any pressure from being exerted on the trachea during adjustment.
  • A scale ensures the exact setting.
  • The neck flange features two pliable wings that can be rotated either together or independently to provide the most comfortable position for meeting individual patients automatic requirements.
  • Complete with obturator and neck straps
  • Each style is colour coded for quick reference and easy stock management.

Highly Adaptable

The flexible wings on the flange of the TRACOE vario tube can be adjusted independently of one another, providing further opportunities to accommodate the individual user’s anatomy.

For the extensive range of tube sizes, lengths and options, please download the brochure or contact Sentient Healthcare on +353 1 832 6509 or to discuss the most appropriate TRACOE tube for you.